Coffee sorting


Coffee sorting

Bühler’s comprehensive know-how in the field of coffee production combined with its innovative solutions offer coffee processors the most advanced technology solutions.

Coffee processors can be confident of world-class performance when placing Bühler’s optical sorters in their processing line - from initial handling, through from green bean to roasted whether it’s for Arabica or Robusta.  

 Efficiently remove a range of defects including discoloured beans, immature and insect damaged as well as various foreign materials such as glass, stones, plastic and foreign materials of the same colour, like sticks. Find optical color sorters for coffee below!


Coffee Applications


Removing colour defects such as Sour, Vinegar, Immature and discoloured beans. Insect damaged and Broca beans can also be removed. SORTEX ®  optical sorters work brilliantly in ordinary, speciality and Arabica applications.

SORTEX ®  optical sorters can remove dark, light, discoloured and insect damaged beans.

SORTEX ®  optical sorters can efficiently remove under and over roasted beans as well as foreign material such as sticks, stones and glass.

More about coffee sorting

Coffee sorting

Our optical sorting solutions for coffee are designed to deliver high product quality and safety. Our optical sorters are precise, offering a consistent yield for any size of processing plant. Use for a variety of beans, including roasted, semi/fully washed, sun-dried, green, Robusta and Arabica.

Accept quality of Arabica coffee beans
Rejects removed included black, sour, foxy and moldy, discolored an insect damaged coffee beans.
Accept quality of Robusta coffee beans.
Rejects included dark and light colored defects.

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