Traceability and transparency

Clear and open

Traceability and transparency

Clear and open

Traceability and transparency are increasingly vital elements of any food business. They mean that producers are fully prepared to react if things go wrong and able to maintain the trust of their consumers. They also mean that any problems can be properly analyzed to make sure they do not re-occur.

And with today’s consumers becoming ever more vocal about the need for genuine transparency and harnessing the power of social media, demand for innovative solutions is greater than ever.


Counting the cost

billion dollar food safety crisis
The amount of revenue lost by the food industry following a 2008 food safety crisis involving peanuts contaminated with salmonella.
Product recalls
Recalled during the same crisis, involving 200 different companies.
Yield loss
Using LumoVision, compared with up to 25% using conventional sorters.

A clear perspective

Our experience as a provider of solutions throughout the production process means we are ideally placed to improve traceability and transparency at every step. We are now also actively exploring the opportunities offered by blockchain technology to improve traceability. Blockchain is extremely difficult to tamper with, making it an ideal way to record actions. Organizations will be able to swiftly trace the source of any contamination, track quality and location and prevent food fraud.

Every component entering the production process – from raw materials to water to additives – can be automatically traced using our WinCos plant control system. This allows visualizing the flow of raw materials and end products both backwards and forwards. 

The ability of LumoVision, one of the key solutions on our Bühler Insights platform, to separate contaminated grains with far more accuracy than has ever been possible also offers huge potential for traceability. A major boost to transparency, meanwhile, has been provided by the Sortex Anyware Pro remote monitoring solution. Whereas the performance of every optical sorter previously had to be individually analyzed, this allows all sorters to be monitored simultaneously, even across different plants. All data is then recorded and stored on secure servers, and the solution also allows customers to substantially reduce their downtime and associated costs. 

Digitalization will soon create an unprecedented level of transparency, making production processes and products fully traceable. This will increase safety and help build trust along the entire value chain.

Johannes Wick, CEO, Grains & Food, Bühler

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