Industry 4.0

Facing the future

Industry 4.0

Facing the future

For us, digitalization has never been an end in itself. Instead, it is a vital means of meeting the challenges of our other core areas. As the speed of technological advancement and innovation continues to increase, digital solutions offer boundless opportunities.

The internet of things (IoT), the wide availability of low-cost sensors and data transfer, and unlimited cloud storage all have huge implications for boosting productivity and efficiency, improving quality and safety and saving costs.


Boosting production, cutting costs

In administrative overheads by using our automated Traceability by WinCos plant control system.
secundums analysis report
The amount of time it takes to get an analysis report using our TotalSense rice analyzer.
or less operating savings
Thanks to autonomous refining in self-optimizing chocolate production lines as a result of efficiency gains and lower costs for labor.

Revolutionary technology

The opportunities provided by new technology are boundless. Sensors can monitor and track every minute detail of the process, which can then be instantly converted into action. This is already helping to revolutionize monitoring and optimization processes. Unplanned downtime can be drastically reduced and along with it costs and waste. Cloud-based solutions also allow machines to always run at their optimum level, while data analysis processes can be cut from hours to moments.

Digital solutions are a key driver in helping cut waste and energy use. They also enable customers to reduce the burden of their retracing and monitoring admin by up to 80%. Our major recent innovations include the TotalSense rice analyzer, which uses cloud and IoT technology to allow customers to simultaneously cut costs, boost yields and improve quality, while GrainiGo does the same for corn. PastaSense allows the continuous monitoring of a product’s color, protein and moisture content, while cutting waste and optimizing processes. We now have the capability to connect more than 85% of our solutions to the cloud. 

The technology exists and the company stands fully behind it. This is a time when we are not merely considering the potential of the future – the future is here and we can actually offer game-changing solutions to our customers today.

Stuart Bashford, Digital Officer, Bühler

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