Digital platform

The next level

Digital platform

The next level

A key moment in our digitalization strategy came with the launch of Bühler Insights – a toolbox that provides access to all the digital services you need to increase the productivity of your process.

Bühler Insights is at the vanguard of secure, ultra-high-performing cloud-based solutions for industry.


Landmark launch

dollar saving/year
With MoisturePro sustaining a 1% increase in dryer discharge moisture content, a yearly yield savings of USD 300000 is possible.
new services
Currently being developed for Bühler Insights.
elimination rate
For aflatoxin using LumoVision.

Single solution

Bühler Insights is among the very first secure, high-performance cloud-based frameworks for the food and feed sectors. Using Microsoft’s cutting-edge Azure cloud technology, Bühler Insights is a landmark IoT toolbox that allows you to access all of our digital services via a single portal. We can connect more than 85% of our solutions to the platform, and many more are in the pipeline, offering huge potential for improving safety, quality and efficiency. Now and into the future.

Bühler Insights offers numerous interfaces with standard industry automation and control systems, enabling the connection of a wide range of technologies. Solutions already available on the platform include LumoVision, which helps eliminate aflatoxin from grains by making a real-time risk assessment of the grains as they are processed, and MoisturePro, which cuts energy consumption and maximizes productivity for drying processes.

LumoVision uses special ultraviolet lighting and sensors to cut rates of aflatoxin contamination by as much as 90%, at the same time as maximizing productivity. MoisturePro, meanwhile, boosts yields while reducing the environmental footprint of thermal processing and delivering huge savings on annual energy costs. Other Bühler Insights solutions include the portable, low-cost GrainiGo corn analyzer and the TotalSense analyzer for rice.

With Bühler Insights, our process knowledge is available to our customers, allowing them to improve efficiency and meet sustainability goals. That is good for them, good for us and good for the environment. It is a win-win-win.

Paul McKeithan, Head of Digital Services, Bühler

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