Growing mill business-East Africa

Bakhresa, Tanzania

Beginning in the mid-seventies as a small family-run restaurant in the port of Dar es Salaam, today Bakhresa is a large, diversified conglomerate comprising companies across Eastern and South Africa.

The Bakhresa Group has long trusted Bühler as their technology partner for their growing milling business in East Africa. Over the past quarter century, Bühler has supplied wheat milling plants at their locations in Tanzania, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa, helping them to become one of the largest businesses in the region. The latest collaboration has led to the installation of a vast grain storage facility at the port in Dar es Salaam. It is lowering costs and improving supply managements for the company.

An African success story

Bakhresa is an African success story. Beginning in the mid-seventies as a small family-run restaurant in the port of Dar es Salaam, today it is a large, diversified conglomerate comprising companies across Eastern Africa and South Africa. Still a family-owned business Bakhresa's activites now cover the food and beverage sector, packaging, logistics, marine pessenger, services, petroleum and entertainment. Bakhresa bought its first mill from Bühler in 1992 to supply the company's own cake bakery with flour. Impressed by the performance of that facility, Bakhresa has continued to rely on Bühler to build new milling plants ever since. With the latest milling technology to optimize productivity and achieve high end-product qualit, the plants have enabled Bakhresa to grow its footprint of popular household brands.

Facts about Bakhresa Grain Storage

60000 MT
storage capacity
The grain is stored in five steel silos
1200 t/h
Processing technology
Two drum sieve RCDA 600 with drum magnet allow this capacity
600 t/h
four trucks enable this high loading capacity.

Efficient project management

…is critical for the optimal implementation of a project and to guarantee the long-term success of the business. Defined project gaols must be met within set budgets and timelines. With experienced project teams in place, Bakhresa and Buhler worked in partnership to achieve ambitious targets.

Design meetings were held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Uzwil, Switzerland throughout the various stages of the project. As a reslut of these combined efforts, the plant was engineered, delivered, installed and commissioned in good time and to specification. Bühler's expertise and the excellent collaboration have delivered tangible results. With its new grain terminal operating at the rated capacity, the Bakhresa Group is now able to run its operations faster and more efficiently. Grain can be delivered to processing facilities in a timely manner, reliably and in high quality.

Selected for reliability

It is a huge capacity grain handling facility whose successful operation significantly contributes to food security in the region. Form this one terminal, the Bakhresa group can supply al its milling operations in Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.


It was important to identify a supplier who could guarantee the plant performance in terms of rated capacity.

Peter Muni, General Manager – New Projects, SSB

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