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New Bühler silo system

The new Bühler silo system in Port Sudan doubles ship unloading capacity. Over nearly two decades Bühler has significantly extended the company's wheat logistics capacities

Wheata Industrial has a long-standing relationship with Bühler. Since the first silo system was delivered in 2001, Bühler has helped the company to fulfil its role in supplying the region with high quality wheat products. The stron relationship continues: In the last project Bühler installed a new silo system in Port Sudan including a larger ship unloader doubling unloading capacity. Apart from lowering cost, the system provides better hygiene and utmost reliability.

Wheata Industrial

Wheata Industrial is part of the Araak Group. With 2,500 employees, it is one of the largest and most successful businesses in Sudan. The privately-owned conglomerate consist of a wide range of businesses in five strategic divisions including flour milling, construction and PET recycling. It also operates a bottling plant for Pepsi Cola and associated brands. Wheata, which represents a major part of the group, operates one of the largest flour mills in the country and is currently undergoing massive expansion. 

The company thrives on quality and puts every effort into maintaining the highest standards in delivering wheat flour, a major food commodity in the region. In order to achieve this, Wheata relies on Bühler's proven track record in providing state-of-the-art systems and its excellent project management that guarantees delivery on time and within budget.

Facts about the storage facility

61,500 t
Total storage capacity
The grain is stored in ten corrugated metal silos.
600 t/h
Intake capacity
High volume capacity regarding the admission.
round filters for dedusting
Different performances: from 94m3/min up to 189m3/min.
The New Bühler Port Terminal has fully met WHEATA’s operational requirements. By utilizing customized engineering solutions to suit our specific requirements.

Andreas Thomsen, Plant Manager - Wheata Industrial Co. LTD

A one-stop shop

Convinced by Bühler's performance over the years and, in particular, its proven energy-saving chain conveyor technology, Wheata has recently ordered a new hich capacity silo facility for its operations in Port Sudan. It was not only Bühler's ability to provide every part of the solution from a single source that convinced Wheata, but also the training Bühler provides its staff in conjunction with the installation of plants and the ongoing service.

In order to meet Wheata's current demands, it required the installation of a larger mechanical ship unloader. With 600t/h the new unloader PORTALINK 600/70RK doubled the capacity of the facility. In addition, a completely new greenfield silo plant with a vast storage capacity of 61,500t was built. The wheat is transported from the unloader via fixed docking points at the pier through an underground tunnel to the roundhouse. Here the wheat is cleaned and weighed before it is stored in the silo. 

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