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Aspiration channel

The aspiration channel MVSU, running with fresh air, is used in grain cleaning application for separating lighter particles from granular products. The machine is used as a stand-alone machine or in combination with the Vitaris cleaning platform.

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Key benefits

Modular design for individual cleaning solutions

With Vitaris, Bühler offers a modular overall system for grain cleaning. The perfectly matched modules ensure maximum efficiency and sanitation at every step of the cleaning process.

Hygienic production

Food-safe design with FDA-approved materials and residual emptying function of the feeding unit.

Highest product quality

Fine-tunable air valve and sealed partition wall enable excellent separating.

​​Aspiration channel​

Individual solutions through modularity

​​Vitaris cleaning system​

​Depending on the requirements, the aspiration channel MVSU can be used as a stand-alone machine or be flexibly combined with the Vitaris separator MTRD or the Vitaris separator MTRD and air-recycling aspirator MVST.

​Excellent separating effect​

Sealed and moveable partition wall

Multiple adjustment options enable high-precision removal of light particles and impurities, enhancing the end product quality.

Food-safe design and hygienic production

Maximized food safety

The optimized air channel and closed machine design ensure food-safe production. Less dead angles and a residual emptying option for the feeding unit ensures hygienic production.

Key topics

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