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Enter the world of roasted nuts, seeds, coffee and cocoa at our virtual event. As the global market leader for full cocoa-processing plants we will be presenting our solution for product tests at your own facilities, allowing you to conduct small-scale testing with a lower investment using a lab line. Discover how to improve the efficiency of your coffee roasting process, how to raise food safety standards across the nut industry, and how you can boost your production performance with our customer services.

Efficient production along the entire value chain

25 %
energy saved
with an InfinityRoast preheating unit
5 log
reduction of bacteria
using the Solano roaster and pasteurizer
30 %
less energy used
thanks to innovative cocoa roasting

Our solutions

The Sortex range of optical sorters is in use in a broad variety of industries, from coffee and nuts to grains, seeds and pulses. It can detect color defects, unwanted sizes and shapes, and foreign materials such as glass. Combined with the Sortex F, the Sortex BioVision technology provides the detection of even the smallest color defects, shell and foreign materials in just one optical sorter. With its outstandingly hygienic design, this sorter is the ideal solution for primary and secondary processing of nuts, from snacking nuts to nut spreads and nut milks.

The Solano roaster and pasteurizer avoids food-safety related recalls through the gentle pasteurization of granular products such as nuts and seeds. Independent from the roasting process, you will achieve a better than 5-log inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella. When used for roasting, the process can be individually adjusted to achieve the optimal flavor, crunchiness and taste intensity regardless of nut type, shape or size. The micro-texture of the roasted product is maintained almost completely, resulting in an unprecedented storage stability. 

Use the new Pulsar mill to grind various nuts and oil seeds such as peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds or pistachios to a smooth paste. The grinding chamber's fast rotating pins and corrugated stator allow you to operate the mill at lower temperatures and with minimal energy input. Ensure safe production and achieve fast product changeovers thanks to the mill's CIP system and its closed process chamber.

The InfinityRoast coffee roaster opens up a new dimension in flavor creation. Whether you want to create traditional roasting profiles or innovate with non-conventional flavors, you have the power to unlock your coffee beans' full potential thanks to this roaster. With the Infinity Profile Control you will be able to replicate the exact profile you wish to achieve batch by batch – no matter the external circumstances such as changing weather and fluctuating green bean moisture. The roaster also automatically regulates the energy input into the roasting chamber to ensure consistent, optimal heat transfer. 

Our very flexible roasting technology enables us to match any existing coffee flavor profile.

Mirjam Baumgartner, Process Technology Engineer Coffee

Our cocoa lab line gives you the flexibility to conduct your own fully scaleable product and process tests. Crush cocoa beans and efficiently separate shells from nibs with the Lab Winnower. It is designed to keep your work area as clean as possible and is equipped with a hygienic process zone made entirely of stainless steel. With the Lab Tornado small-scale roaster, you have access to a range of roasting options: choose between convective RSX and traditional conductive RS roasting and inject a solution, air or steam into the process. The roaster can even be used as a CCP for sterilization. The Nova S laboratory ball mill finely grinds cocoa within minutes and allows for fast changeovers, enabling you to test a variety of recipes in a short amount of time.

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