Annual report 2020

Our employees



Annual report 2020

Our employees





Leadership mattered more than ever

Irene Mark-Eisenring, CHRO, explains how strong leadership and the skills to adapt with agility to changing circumstances enabled Bühler to robustly withstand the uncertainties of the global pandemic. Throughout 2020, Bühler maintained and further strengthened its culture of people development and lifelong learning for all employees.

United we stand

Bühler has demonstrated agility by adapting to changing global circumstances while maintaining and strengthening our culture of solidarity, care, people development, and lifelong learning for all employees. 

Bühler employees united to face the uncertainties posed by the Covid-19 global pandemic. The top priority for the company has been the safety and continued development of employees, and ongoing training for our customers. Our IT department increased the capabilities of our global network to ensure that employees who are able to work remotely could do so. At peak lockdown periods, over 4,500 people around the globe were working securely from home. We adapted to a culture of virtual meetings and workshops, rolling out new collaboration tools, and embracing what has been a more inclusive global exchange of ideas.   

We would like to thank our employees for the resilience and innovative spirit they have shown as they adapted to what has become a new normal. Covid-19 has taught us the power of agility, creativity, and solidarity. A special mention should be made to our colleagues in Beirut who went beyond their normal duties to try to avert a food crisis when an explosion at the Lebanese capital’s port threatened grain supplies. On August 4, the world held its breath when it witnessed a massive explosion which destroyed large parts of the Beirut port including an iconic grain silo, which Bühler had built in the 1970s and was still servicing daily.

The large, concrete grain silos appear to have prevented further devastation of the area by dissipating a great deal of energy. Additionally, many food processing and milling plants at the location had been damaged. Immediately after the blast, the Bühler team took action, supporting their local partners day and night to secure the food supply chain as quickly as possible. 

In an inspiring joint effort, the most important mills and facilities were again in operation after only three days. Their resilience during this tragic event illustrates leadership in moments of crisis.

2020 was also overshadowed by the passing of our dear colleague, Dieter Vögtli, in June. Dieter Vögtli was an Executive Board Member, heading the global Services & Sales (SAS) organization of the company. He was fundamental to Bühler’s growth, particularly in Asia, a region he built up as Head of Bühler Group Asia Pacific. Dieter Vögtli cared passionately for his customers, our employees, and for our company. In his passing, we lost a great person, powerful manager, and close friend. Executive Board Member, Samuel Schär took on the responsibilities of the global SAS organization in addition to his role as and CEO of Advanced Materials. We are fortunate to ensure the continuity of our global Services & Sales organization with Samuel Schär, who has been with Bühler since 2002.


An homage to our dear colleague, Dieter Vögtli.

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