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Bühler service team keeps customer’s production running

When an extruder was temporarily dismantled for a service and suddenly the demand for important micronutrient granules at the customer Hepart AG skyrocketed, the Bühler service team was on site in no time. The extrusion line was up and running at full speed again and enabled Hepart AG to meet the massively demand for dietary supplements. 

“Called yesterday, completed today! That’s what I call customer service.” For every service technician at Bühler, there is probably no better compliment than that of Blerim Krasniqi, Head of Research and Development at Hepart AG in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The company specializes in individualized orthomolecular and complementary medicine and was experiencing an unprecedented run on its newly developed micronutrient mixtures after the winter months and in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. The resulting dietary supplement is produced on a Bühler extrusion line and provides essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to a functioning immune system. 


Hepart AG Blerim Krasniqi Hepart AG Blerim Krasniqi Blerim Krasniqi, Head of Research and Development at Hepart AG in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

As fast and efficient as ever

When the repair request was received by the Customer Service Team of Carsten-Dirk Ludwig, Area Service Manager Switzerland, the tried and tested processes immediately came into force. “Service requests from customers are always treated with the highest priority. Especially in times when many of our customers have to produce important goods under high pressure, it’s good to know that we can rely on well-established processes,” clarifies Ludwig. The next day, service technician Martin Hadorn set off for the customer site in Switzerland and was able to put the extrusion line back into operation in a short time.

Fast repair, sustainable solution

The problem was already known to the customer: “It was discovered that the product did not have the optimum composition and the chrome content was a little too high. The Value Nutrition team quickly measured the extruder housing and decided whether the right material was being used for the extruder housing and the screws and how the problem could be solved quickly for the customer. A part of the extruder was dismantled for this purpose and brought to Uzwil,” says Hadorn. As Hepart was facing a huge demand due to the coronavirus situation, the extruder was equipped with new parts (with the old material choice that Hepart had in stock), to be able to produce again as soon as possible. On behalf of all Bühler service employees, Hadorn sums up the achievement: “It’s a good feeling for the whole team to be there for our customers in these times and to make our contribution to ensuring that the production of important goods continues.”  

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