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Optical sorter

SORTEX J SpectraVision

The SORTEX J is the latest release from Bühler for sorting grains, seeds and plastics electronically. With a new user interface, full-color cameras and completely remodeled lighting, the SORTEX J builds on the best results from our 75 years of experience.

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SORTEX J SpectraVision

Improved Performance

An all new optical sorter delivering up to 50% higher reject concentrations.

SpectraVision has been designed to supply maximum yields. The newly designed in-house full-color cameras provide the best color differentiation for the sublest of color defects, while new InGaAs cameras take foreign matter (FM) detection to new levels. Innovative ejection algorithms significantly minimize false rejects and new calibration and tracking algorithms improve machine consistency, reducing false rejects.


Control and view your machine performance from  anywhere in the world, in line with Industry 4.0 standards.

With machine setup changes logged and saved on Bühler Insights and real-time tracking of sorting performance and emergency warnings with SORTEX Monitoring System.


No technical skills required for operation.

Default modes and recipes for each product are pre-set and tested by SORTEX experts for optimum machine set up right out of the box. A simple user interface design and individual sensitivity control over each defect makes it easy for operators to maintain the optimum machine performance.

Key benefits


Control and view your machine performance from anywhere in the world, in line with Industry 4.0 standards.

Easy to use

The individual slider bars for each defect allow anyone to operate the machine.

Improved performance

New set of technologies that deliver higher productivity with up to 50% more reject concentrations.

Detect what no one else can

Innovative technology

New cameras: designed for selection

The cameras are developed in-house by SORTEX's team of engineers and designed to provide the best signal-to-noise ratio on the market. The new full-color cameras with better spectral purity between colors offer the best differentiation for colors with the most subtle defects. At the same time, the new standard InGaAs cameras take foreign matter (FM) detection to whole new level.

Next generation sorting

Intelligent sorting algorithms

New programming and advanced learning techniques have been developed to increase the ability to recognize and remove foreign matter (FM) and subtle defects, increasing product throughput, sorting performance and ease of use. New product calibration and tracking algorithms ensure machine performance is consistent, maximizing the quality of the final product.

Bühler guarantee

The development guarantee

Bühler is driven by passion, which is why we are continuing to work on improvements to make this machine even better, to suit ever-growing market challenges. New features, software solutions, and upgrades will guarantee that you always have state-of-the-art equipment in your plant.

Services and training

Our services and training are designed to keep you up to date on products and technologies, giving you the confidence and experience you need.

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