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Vibro sieving machine

The vibro sieving machine MKZH offers high sifting throughput and is designed for quick screen changes. It is used to centrifugate coarse and fine bran or sift hard, floury or granulated products. It can also sieve hop powder for hop processing.

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Key benefits

Designed for fast cleaning

The sifter has wide side openings so you can clean between the sifting basket and housing. The housing also vibrates, which helps keep the screen mesh free of product residue.

Designed for quick screen changes

You can quickly check and change the sieves by removing the door hinges and without dismantling the machine.

High sifting throughput

The machine can sift up to 2.6 tons of bran and flour per hour.

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Choose from a range of sifting throughputs and uses

The vibro sieving machine is available in two sizes, with throughputs of up to 2.6 tons per hour. The standard version comes in painted steel. Or choose a stainless steel design, where all the parts in contact with the product are made from stainless steel. There is also a version for hop processing and brewing.

How the machine works

Vibration increases the level of sifting

We have eccentrically fastened the sifting box to the sifting mantle on the rotor axis. This vibrates the body of the sieving machine and improves the level of sifting and cleanliness of the screens.

Cold and nitrogen treatment

Versions for brewing and processing hops

The MKZH has special versions for hop processing and brewing. The sieving machine can efficiently sift hop powder at temperatures as low as minus 40 °C. The housing and parts that come into contact with the product are also made from stainless steel and meet the strictest hygiene criteria.

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