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The MOZL is used to dampen grain before grinding in the milling process. It has two rotors, which thoroughly mix the water and grain. It can add up to 7% of water in a single flow-through. You can also use it in breweries to dampen malt.

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Key benefits

Designed for easy maintenance

The dampener has fold-up flaps in its housing. This allows you to easily access and change wear parts inside the machine.

High level of sanitation

All the machine parts, which are in contact with the product, are made from stainless steel. The dampener also has a self-emptying mechanism, which helps to keep the machine clean.

Homogeneous mixing of grain

The MOZL has two rotors. This offers a much more even and dynamic mix of grain and water compared to using just one rotor. It also keeps the grain kernels 100% in contact with the water.

Highlight features

Intensive and even dampening

Add up to 7% of water in a single flow-through

The MOZL has two rotors. This thoroughly mixes the kernels with water and prevents the kernels from forming into lumps. It also produces an even distribution of water on the kernels. The dampener can add up to 7% of water in a single flow-through.

Compact design

Choose from three models ranging from 1565 cm to 2165 cm in length

The dampener has a small footprint. This allows you to retrofit it into existing brewing or milling processes – or integrate it into small spaces.

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