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Vertical whitener


The TopWhite BSPB gently whitens rice. It works on a vertical abrasive top-to-bottom principle, designed to produce high yields. Its cool air aspiration helps prevent rice breakage and also maintain high yields.

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Key benefits

Prevent the build up of residues

The TopWhite has an efficient aspiration system to help prevent the build up of residues. The bran discharge system also keeps the bran moving out of the whitening chamber into the exhaust system.

Designed for easy access and maintenance

TopWhite has wide doors to give full access to the milling chamber, helping speed up screen changes and machine inspections.

Avoid downtimes - designed for easy adjustments

You can adjust the TopWhite’s settings during operation, saving valuable time in rice processing. You can also set all three brakes at the same time from a central control panel.

Highlight features

Aspiration system

A smooth cooling system helps prevent broken rice

The TopWhite cools the rice, helping prevent the rice from becoming fragile and breaking. This helps maintain high yields. The dedusting system also helps convey the bran out of the whitening chamber, keeping the machine clean for a high level of food safety.


Adjust your process during whitening

You can adjust the TopWhite during operation. For coarse adjustments, turn the handwheel to change the gap between the rotor and the brakes. For finer settings, you can adjust the balancing weight of the retaining gate. This helps maintain a consistent and high product quality.

Higher yields

How the TopWhite works

The TopWhite works on the vertical abrasion principle. This helps produce high yields. The rice enters the whitener via two inlets at the top of the machine. It is then fed into the processing chamber by a feed screw, where it is whitened between six abrasive rings and the screen, removing the bran.

Use the TopWhite for more than just whitening rice. You can also use the TopWhite for other products, such as wheat, barley and peas.

The machine is compact, with a built-in motor. It stands easily on any flat surface and no additional frame is required.

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