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The SuperSift plansifter offers high throughput in an exceptionally compact size. The plansifter classes white rice into large impurities, head rice, mixture rice, and tips.

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Key benefits

Sturdy design for low maintenance

The plansifter's stainless steel lining contributes to reducing wear and maintenance.

Adaptable for different types of rice separation

The SuperSift's multiple sieves are arranged in stacks. Several stacks are contained in one housing. You can adapt the sieves for different sifting tasks such as the sifting of many different sizes of rice or the separation of large volumes of brokens.

Improve product quality

The plansifter reduces the rice’s temperature and moisture content, preparing it for processing and storage.

Highlight features

Improved airflow through the product

Avoid broken rice

With the SuperSift plansifter's two aspiration connections, the airflow can cool the product and remove moisture from it. This reduces grain breakage.

Balancing weights

Adjustable balance weight

You can adjust the balancing weights according to the level of separation needed, thereby improving grading efficiency.

Food safety

Hygienic stainless steel design

The plansifter is designed to maximize product safety. The frame is made out of wood. It features a plastic coating and a stainless-steel lining. The sieves are glued in place to remove the risk of metal clamps falling into the end product.

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