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Drum grader


The Rotosort drum grader grades rice, paddy, and granular products into two fractions. It is designed for low maintenance, its sieves and running speed are easily adjustable.

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Key benefits

Modular design

The Rotosort comes in modules, allowing you to assemble your system exactly to the size and production capacity you require for your rice processing.

Speed adjustment

Adjust the revolutions of the screening drum to obtain the separation of rice and paddy you need. Simply adjust the gearmotor to the level you require.

Designed for low maintenance

The Rotosort's nylon gears are designed for a long life. A nylon brush cleans the entire length of the drum, keeping the sieve openings free. Maintenance requirements are kept low due to the slip-free and maintenance-free timing-belt drive.

Highlight features

Screen changes

Designed for fast screen changes

The Rotosort drum grader features a shaftless drive and changeable screens. Its large openings make changing the screens easy and fast.

Rotating cleaning brush

Prevent product residues

The Rotosort's cleaning brush rotates with the drum, continuously cleaning it. This helps to increase food safety and hygiene levels in your rice processing plant.

Flexible use

Grade a variety of grains

In addition to grading rice and paddy, you can also use the Rotosort to grade cereal grain, oilseeds, nuts, coffee, and cocoa beans.

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