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The Puromat purifier MQRF purifies and grades semolina and middlings in durum wheat, common wheat and compact mills. The Puromat produces pure, high-quality semolina as intermediate or finished products.

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Key benefits

The Puromat’s steady process produces an even product

The Puromat feeds raw material at a steady rate across the entire width of the sieve. This creates a continuous and even process, which keeps the quality of the product even.

Designed for easy maintenance

You do not need to lubricate the drive, helping reduce maintenance time and costs. The inside of the machine is illuminated, so you can check the whole process in real time.

Designed for easy cleaning

Metal sieve frames with brush cleaners prevent sieve blockage and product deposits. You can also easily access the Puromat for cleaning.

Highlight features


High throughput

The Puromat has a net sieve width of 460 mm and three sieve decks, producing a high throughput of up to 3 tons per hour per machine. You can also stack two Puromats on top of each other to double output on the same footprint.

Uniform sieve tensioning

Add our NovaTens sieve tensioning device to tension your sieves

Use our NovaTens sieve tensioning device MPBC to tension your sieves. You require only brief training to use it. It is precise and sturdy, designed to produce high-quality sieve tensioning and excellent sifting.

Optional steel door

Add a sanitation retrofit kit for extra sanitation

The retrofit kit is a stainless steel door, which closes the only opening in the purifier. This helps reduce the risk of unwanted objects getting into the product stream. You can easily remove the doors - without using tools - to access and make adjustments to the machine.

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The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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