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Inclusions feeder


Our flexible PreciFeed inclusions feeder is tailored to filled chocolate products such as chocolates and tablets. Its high precision with an accuracy of up to 99.5%, hygienic design and simple integration make it ideally suited for new or existing lines.

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Key benefits

Multitasking for improved performance

Different mould configurations can be served by just one feeder, allowing you to change production quickly. The PreciFeed also allows two inclusions to be fed into one product cavity, saving you production time and driving up efficiency.

Fast changeovers for multiple product lines

The PreciFeed is designed for cycle-driven chocolate depositing lines and coating systems and will work with many different makes. Control from a Simatic S7 or Allen-Bradley CompactLogix make changeovers between product lines fast and simple.

Hygienic design for optimum food safety

The PreciFeed offers you high hygiene standards. All materials comply with the latest food regulations. You will find all the parts in contact with your inclusions are quick and easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning.

Highlight features

High-precision feeding

Precise feeding of inclusions

The PreciFeed delivers a feeding accuracy for various nuts and granules of up to 99.5%, without the need for you to pre-calibrate nuts. The control allows for a rapid changeover of feeding configurations for both counted and volumetric feeding. The mould width can be up to 1200 mm and you can feed up to 40 product ranges from a single machine.

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