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Mechanical ship unloader


The Portalink is a continuous mechanical ship unloader designed for the reliable and efficient unloading of grain, oilseed, and derivatives. It has a maximum unloading throughput of up to 1300 tons per hour.

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Key benefits

Efficient ship unloading for shorter berthing times

Through the traveling, slewing, luffing, and the kick-in/out movements of the Portalink, optimal hatch coverage is achieved. This results in highly efficient unloading and the shortest unloading time.

Gentle product handling

Only a limited amount of product comes into contact with the conveyor elements. This reduces abrasion and product damage. The conveyor moves at a continuously low speed, which also helps to avoid damage to the product.

Low operating costs

The Portalink has few wear parts and operates at a low conveying speed.

Highlight features

High-throughput unloading

Unloading up to 1300 t/h

The marine leg is the key to the efficiency of the overall system and the heart of the machine. The Portalink's marine leg is powered by a low-energy hydraulic drive. It is a vertical chain conveyor and can unload product in a compact column at a throughput of 300 to 1300 t/h.

Maintaining full throughput

Automatic sink-in mechanism

The automatic sink-in mechanism keeps the intake boot at the correct level in each hatch. This allows the unloader to unload at full throughput, independent of the operator which ensures the highest level of efficiency and lowest berthing time. Thus saving time and money.

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