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Grist mill

Maltomat III

The Maltomat III is a flexible grist mill for dry or conditioned malt and unmalted grain. It has a low energy consumption, is equipped with an automatic roller gap adjuster, and can reduce lautering times, thereby increasing brewhouse yields.

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Key benefits

Lower energy consumption

The efficient direct drive of the Maltomat III grist mill reduces energy consumption by up to 10%, compared to conventional dry grist milling.

Increased brewhouse yields

While the grinding process is in operation, the grist mill automatically adjusts the roller gap to different types of unmalted grain and malt. This helps to increase yield by matching the right roller gap to each grain or recipe.

Versatile use

The Maltomat III comes in a range of machine sizes, motors, and numbers of passages. It is suitable for all types of malt and unmalted grain and can be used in any brewery or distillery.

Highlight features

Outstanding husk separation

Reduced lautering time

The Maltomat III uses a system of “grinding-grinding-sifting-grinding” to accurately separate husks, grist, and flour. The roller gap is adjusted automatically to suit different grains, which also improves grinding results and shortens lautering times.

Front flaps for easy access

Designed for easy maintenance, changes, and cleaning

You can access the Maltomat's inside through flaps at the front of the machine. This speeds up the changing of rollers and sieves and facilitates cleaning. Only one person is needed to change the sieves.

Low maintenance

Designed for easy access and maintenance

The Maltomat III has a sturdy design and the machine is easily accessible to enable fast roller and sieve changes. With our rollDetect service, you can measure the rollers’ corrugation profile to determine the best time to change the rollers.

The Bühler equipment helped us increase our yield and decrease our lautering time.

Alec Mull, VP of Brewing Ops, Founders Brewing Co.

We know how important consistency and quality are when it comes to brewing, that’s why we chose Bühler. No other milling equipment, that I’m aware of, offers the reliability and flexibility of Bühler.

Larry Sidor, Master Brewer, Crux Fermentation Project

You can sample the product after every grinding passage, for accurate quality control.

Our worldwide service network offers support 24/7, to help you maintain maximum plant availability with minimum downtime.

The Maltomat III features an eye-catching and shock pressure-proof design. Digital sensors monitor the machine's operation and a permanent magnet protects its rollers. In addition, a distribution paddle in front of the feed roller keeps the product evenly spread across its entire length.

Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

Efficient in every step of production

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