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Ophthalmic coater

SYRUS 1100

The SYRUS 1100 is the most productive and cost-efficient ophthalmic coating plant to be found on the market today. Designed for large batches, classic stock lens mass production and RX production, SYRUS 1100 delivers unparalleled cost-benefit ratios.

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Key benefits

Optimal solution for large Rx and stock lens production volumes

From classic broadband anti-reflection coating to mirror coatings, the SYRUS can handle a great number of different processes, ideal for production sizes of 350 to 960 pairs in 8 h.

Unbeatable cost per lens

The benchmarking color stability from the inner ring of the calotte to the outer one make the SYRUS 1100 an ideal tool for stock lens mass production, bringing you industry-leading cost-per-lens productivity.

Highest throughput

By offering different chamber sizes, SYRUS machines can be adapted to your individual productivity needs, lowering the gross manufacturing cost of a lens. The SYRUS is available in standard chamber sizes of 1100 mm and 1350 mm.

Highlight features

High throughput

Fast process time and pumping speed.

With a large variety of proprietary process components, optimized pumping stack and Meissner trap systems for the individual chamber size, the SYRUS 1100 brings you optimum cycle-times (door-to-door) for high quality, durable coatings on eyeglass lenses.

High-quality end products

Optimized distribution-masks for highest rates and uniformity.

The SYRUS 1100 can be equipped with up to two uniformity masks (one fixed, one movable). The second mask enables to optimize each mask for a specific coating material to deliver excellent coating uniformities. The use of a variable distribution mask system also ensures a superior deposition rate, providing you with outstanding productivity across the entire coating tool.

Smart machine design

Quick substrate and evaporation material exchange.

Segmented dome (90° or 120°) or full dome arrangements allow you to adapt your SYRUS coater to your individual needs. You can exchange the substrates in shortest possible time. Exchange of the evaporation material is also quick, as most of the proprietary crucibles are easy to be replaced with one you have already prepared.

The SYRUS is designed to connect to your network systems. This allows us to provide online support from our experts located in specialized service hubs around the world. They are supported by an inherent and extensive data logging system that allows for easy error tracking and analysis. Software upgrades can also be remotely applied, to keep your tool up to date at all times.

To match your needs, we can help you to choose from a large selection of proprietary designed process components like electron-beam guns, thermal evaporators, ion sources, and more. We can also provide a large variety of processes that have already been largely approved by our customers in their daily production, or create individual solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

You can easily adjust our advanced, user-friendly software to reflect your personalized processes. The multiple quartz crystal sensor system provides maximum process safety during the automated process.

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