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Precision optics vacuum coater


The STARpro reactive single-magnetron sputtering system covers a wide range of applications through the use of Si3N4 and SiO2 layer stacks. Compact and easy to install, ideal for your small-batch optical filter production, rapid prototyping, and R&D.

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Key benefits

Versatile coating system for small-batch production

With its super-compact design, fast pump-down time to process pressure and the loading capacity of just four substrates, the STARpro is designed for your smallest batch sizes, rapid prototyping, and R&D-related activities.

Spot-on accuracy and high reproducibility

In combination with the integrated OMS 5100 in-situ optical monitoring system, the entire machine has been designed to deliver spot-on accuracy and high reproducibility throughout the entire target lifetime.

Extremely easy to install and operate

Using small process gas bottles within the machine frame, you only need to connect electrical power and compressed air to start production. The touch screen interface makes operation equally simple.

Highlight features

Separate load-lock chamber

High process stability paired with low particle contamination

A separate load-lock chamber allows you to keep the processing chamber under vacuum conditions, free from particles and humidity. The load-lock chamber evacuates once the substrates have been inserted and a gate valve between the loading and processing station only opens when there is little or no differential pressure, keeping the particle level within the processing area to a minimum.

Adjustable sputter distance

High reproducibility during the entire target lifetime

The coating area is designed so that the distances between target and substrates can be precisely adjusted by an electrical drive system. As the erosion profile deepens during the target's lifetime, you can keep coating uniformity by shortening the distance. This allows you to maintain a high product quality during the entire lifetime of the target.

Planetary system

High uniformity through substrate rotation

The STARpro enhances coating uniformity by keeping the substrate rotating in a planetary system whilst it is processed under the source, resulting in the highest quality coating characteristics.

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