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Vacuum coater for flexible roll-to-roll coatings


Bühler's Leybold Optics SEC series offers roll-to-roll metalizing for high-volume holographic solutions typically used in the areas of protection, security and optical effect. High productivity, uptime and dependable product quality define this solution.

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Key benefits

100% in-situ quality control

Our unique ISS technology monitors and controls aluminum and copper layer profiles in real time, reducing scrap and offering you a consistently high product quality.

Meets all of your coatings needs

The Leybold Optics SEC is suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from classic full-area aluminum and copper layers to demanding interference zinc sulfide layers.

Two separate evaporators

Two separate evaporators for different materials give you total flexibility while minimizing setup time.

Highlight features

Quality application

High product consistency and layer adhesion

Our powerful plasma pre-treatment consists of a gas-injection module built within a single-side cathode substrate. This brings you cleaning, ablation, cross-linking and surface modification, optimizing the process conditions to improve layer adhesion and reduce permeability.

ZnS evaporator

Improved layer uniformity and layer quality

Our ZnS evaporator consists of directly heated metal crucibles, an evaporation box and individual power supplies. The huge crucible capacity and arrangement tailored to your product can boost your productivity. The innovative arrangement of the sources and crucible design can enhance overall product quality. Simultaneous use of the evaporator with other sources provides versatility.

Pattern printing system

Combining coating and profiles with segmented structures

All of your coatings and profiles can be combined with segmented structures by using our optional pattern printing system. Installed in a drawer for easy access, it consists of an oil evaporator, anilox and flexo roller, including sleeve. The structure of the sleeves can be manufactured down to 1/100 mm to deliver high-end printing tailored to your precise product needs.

Our Leybold Optics SEC series is available in a maximum coating width of 650 mm and is designed to work with PET, (B)OPP and other substrates on request. Coatings include aluminum, copper and zinc sulfide layers.

Products manufactured with the Leybold Optics SEC include governmental and fiduciary documents, bank notes, vehicle protection, product and brand protection.

Key topics

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