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Vacuum coater for flexible roll-to-roll coatings


The Leybold Optics PAK series roll-to-roll metalizing system provides high-quality aluminum or transparent aluminum oxide coatings for packaging materials. Use for cost-effective optical, protective and barrier properties on polymer and paper substrates.

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Key benefits

Meets all of your productivity and coatings needs

The LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK T+ provides a valuable combination of high productivity in terms of aluminum coatings and cost-effective manufacturing of special coatings in terms of transparent aluminum oxide barriers on polymer and paper substrates.

Low cost of ownership

Bühler’s range of LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK, PAK+ or PAK T+ vacuum coaters means you can choose the right solution to precisely match your production capacities and product requirements.

Maximum output

The combination of process speed and roll diameters of up to 1550mm allows the LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ and PAK T+ to increase your productivity by up to 30% without compromising on product quality.

Highlight features

Powerful plasma pre-treatment and AdhesionPlus

High product consistency and improved layer adhesion

Our powerful plasma pre-treatment can be combined with our AdhesionPlus gas-injection module. This brings you cleaning, ablation, cross-linking and surface modifications, optimizing the process conditions to improve layer adhesion and reduce permeability.

Multiple features for high-quality products

Unrivaled transparent barrier performance

Thanks to the powerful plasma-activated deposition of transparent aluminum oxide layers, innovative high-rate evaporator, wire feeding technology, gas distribution and fully automatic layer cross control, high product quality in terms of uniformity, transparency, barrier performance and long-term stability can be achieved. An additional plasma treatment allows in-situ aging of the layer.

Innovative winding technology

High-speed processing for maximum output

The special surface of the roll guarantees an excellent grip without foil slippage even when using a small wrapping angle. Beside the outstanding winding performance, the thin layer of the surface refinement still provides efficient cooling performance. Even temperature-sensitive materials can be processed with no limitations in speed.

Bühler’s Leybold Optics PAK system offers versatile performance for a wide range of aluminum or copper coatings in 1300 mm to 2500 mm coating width options. These include: very thin coatings, such as those used for interlayers between architectural glass panels; medium thicknesses, as used in food packaging; thick coatings, typically used in the packaging of highly photosensitive electronics.

The Leybold Optics PAK+ is specifically designed for margin-sensitive high-volume packaging applications, giving you up to 40% faster processing speeds than conventional systems, whilst maintaining a high product quality. The Leybold Optics PAK+ is available in 2500 mm to 3700 mm coating width options for aluminum or copper coatings.

Employing plasma-reactive deposition, our Leybold Optics PAK T+ is designed to apply transparent aluminum oxide layers onto flexible plastic substrates such as PET and (B)OPP, enhancing barrier performance and long-term stability with striking visible results. The Leybold Optics PAK T+ is available in 2500 mm to 3700 mm coating width options for aluminum oxide, pure aluminum or copper coatings.

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