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Ophthalmic coater


Our LEYBOLD OPTICS ECS 1350 is designed to meet your mass production requirements for stock lens AR, mirror fashion and RX lenses, offering you large batch production and ease-of-use, with a low cost of ownership.

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Key benefits

Low cost of ownership

Streamlined configuration offers you a low-cost operation without compromising quality.

Designed for mass production

The Leybold Optics ECS is designed to meet the mass production needs of your stock and Rx lens manufacturing with AR and fashion mirror coatings, particularly in the Asian market.

More possibilities

Powerful processing capabilities and a choice of machines can deliver between 180 and 890 pairs per eight-hour shift.

Highlight features

Exceptional ROI

Enjoy a low cost of ownership.

Focusing on keeping investment costs down, the LEYBOLD OPTICS ECS 1350 brings you low cost of ownership with a streamlined configuration that delivers consistent quality, 24/7.

Meeting market needs

Designed for mass production.

The LEYBOLD OPTICS ECS 1350 is designed to meet the specific requirements of mass manufacturers for eyeglass coatings, particularly in the Asian market, such as ease of use and high throughput at lowest costs.

Bühler Leybold Optics quality

Benefit from proven performance.

This machine uses key components designed and made by Bühler Leybold Optics in combination with locally sourced parts to deliver the reliability you need, with a competitive cost of ownership.

The Leybold Optics ECS is designed to bring you reliable, 24/7 mass production, thus helping you improve productivity.

Your Leybold Optics ECS vacuum coater can be customized to your precise needs, ensuring that you benefit from a cost-effective vacuum coater designed to meet your product, process, and production parameters.

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