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Precision optics vacuum coater


When you need highly durable diamond-like carbon (DLC) layers for optical and thermal imaging systems, the Leybold Optics DLC 600 vacuum coating tool with its plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition is the perfect solution.

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Key benefits

A wide range of substrate sizes and geometries

Using gravity (rather than devices) to hold your substrates in the chamber means that the Leybold Optics DLC 600 can cope with almost any shape or geometry, up to a diameter of 300 mm and a height of 30 to 40 mm.

Highest product quality

Designed for IR anti-reflection applications on Germanium (Ge) and Silicon (Si) substrates, the Leybold Optics DLC 600 creates extremely hard, uniform DLC layers that protect exposed optics surfaces and increase infrared transmittance.

Highly durable diamond-like carbon (DLC) layers

The DLC 600 can apply the extremely hard and environmentally resistant DLC coatings you need to protect your optical equipment from damage.

Highlight features

Processing chamber design

Benchmark uniformity across the entire coating area

The unique design of the Leybold Optics DLC's gas shower ensures that the process gases are distributed within the process chamber in an extraordinarily uniform manner. This means that the growth of the layer film onto the substrate is extremely accurate, which is key for your low-light applications such as night-vision devices, sensors for distance control and IR wavelength applications.

Leybold Optics DLC

Excellent reproducibility through in-situ optical monitoring

Requested accuracies on layer thickness and coating repeatability make it essential to constantly control the growth of the optical DLC films during the coating process. The premium and proprietary in-situ OMS 5100 optical monitoring system ensures that your calculated and designed layer stacks will match the actual coating result on the finished product with the highest level of quality.

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