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Ophthalmic coater

BOXER series

The BOXER series is the most versatile, productive and practical platform for coating RX and stock eyeglass lenses to meet production needs in the range of 270 – 700 pairs/8h.

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Key benefits

Minimized footprint

The ingenious, compact design takes up less floor space and makes handling and maintenance quick and easy.

Flexibility for Rx and stock lens production

BOXER vacuum coaters are available in four different versions to meet all of your Rx and stock lens production needs and can be easily expanded to meet an increased demand.

Ideal for mid- to high-volume

From classic broadband anti-reflection coating to mirror coatings, the BOXER series suits a wide variety of applications, with production runs of up to 700 pairs in 8 h.

Highlight features

High throughput

Fast processing time and high pumping speed

The specially developed proprietary process components, optimized pumping station and cold trap systems for the individual chamber size all combine to offer you optimum cycle times (door-to-door) with the high-quality and durable coatings you need.

​​High-quality end products​

Optimized distribution masks for highest rates and uniformity

The BOXER 900 and the BOXER 1100 are equipped with two uniformity masks (one fixed, one movable), allowing you to optimize each mask for a specific coating material to deliver excellent coating uniformity. The use of a variable distribution mask system also ensures a superior deposition rate, providing you with outstanding productivity across the entire coating tool.

​​Smart machine design​

Quick exchange of substrate and evaporation material

Using the segmented dome (90° or 120°) or full dome, you can adapt your Boxer coater to your individual needs. You can exchange substrates in the shortest possible time. Exchange of evaporation material is also quick, as most of the proprietary crucibles are easy to replace with one you have already prepared.

The BOXER series is designed to connect to your network systems. This allows us to provide online support from our experts located in specialized service hubs around the world. They are supported by an inherent and extensive data logging system that allows for easy error tracking and analysis. Software upgrades can also be remotely applied to keep your tool up to date at all times.

We have the components that best suit your applications and can offer you a wide range of processes that have already been approved by our customers in their daily production, or create individual solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

The design of the BOXER coating system has been optimized for fast and easy maintenance.

Depending on your needs, the BOXER series offers the options of the BOXER 900, able to produce up to 460 pairs/8h, and the BOXER 1100, able to produce up to 700 pairs/8h.

Services and training

​​Bühler’s services and training are designed to keep you up to date on products and technologies, giving you the confidence and experience you need.​

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