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Our Hymix conditioner heats your mixed feed particles to temperatures of up to 95 °C. The design of the mixing tools reduces residue quantities. The Hymix Plus option can reduce start-up time by up to 60%, whilst cutting waste to virtually zero.

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Key benefits

Faster service

The maintenance-friendly design makes servicing and maintenance quick and easy.

Superior throughput

The Hymix's mixing process offers you a high throughput.

Less residues

The Hymix conditioner is designed to reduce residues. The Hymix Plus, an optional expansion of the existing Hymix conditioner, heats 100% of your feed mash to full temperature, cutting out the need for recycling or associated waste.

Highlight features

Hygienic design

Low product residues

The Hymix is designed to bring you feed safety during production, heating your mixed feed particles to temperatures of up to 95 °C to eradicate Salmonella. Furthermore, the unique design of the mixing tools ensures that residue quantities are considerably reduced.

High throughput

Work with high throughputs

The mixing process and paddle configuration are designed to offer you a high throughput.

Hymix Plus

Faster start-up and less waste

Available as an option on new orders or as a retrofit for existing machines, Hymix Plus can reduce start-up times by up 60%. This can save mechanical and electrical energy during the conditioning and pelleting process. It also preheats all of your feed to target temperature before it is fed into the pellet mill, cutting out recycling or dumping of product due to insufficient temperature treatment.

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

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