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Precision optics vacuum coater


The DEIMOS vacuum coating system is an advanced sputtering tool designed to achieve the highest reflectance and durable coatings for your astronomical mirrors by applying highly precise, uniform protective and enhanced layers in aluminum or silver.

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Key benefits

Highly uniform coating

Electrically adjustable target inclination and distance adaptation towards the curved substrates results in excellent coating uniformity for protected and enhanced aluminum or silver layers.

Easy substrate exchange

A rail system enables you to move the lower half of the chamber clear of the main machine frame for easy access to the substrate from all directions, making exchange faster and simpler.

Highest reflection and coating durability

The DEIMOS 5500’s four sputter targets, with a choice of DC pulsed or DC sputter power, enables you to attain the high quality required for your astronomical mirror coatings.

Highlight features

Movable cathode inclination

Perfect adaptation towards substrate curvature

As the distance between the target and the substrates is essential for uniform coating results, every single target can be moved and inclined for perfect adaptation towards your curved substrate. Electrical drives ensure smooth and reliable operation and the settings can be saved within the production recipe, to ensure repeatable quality every time.

MF or DC glow discharge

Precise pre-cleaning of the entire processing chamber

MF or DC glow discharge units within the processing chamber ensure it is perfectly clean and free from moisture before the sputtering process is initialized, which is an essential for quality coatings. You can store this cleaning process as a part of your production recipe.

Better access

Easy operation and maintenance

With substrate diameters of up to 4.5 m, accessing the substrate, targets and other process components within the chamber can be difficult with some technologies. The lower half of the DEIMOS 5500’s chamber is on rails, making it easy to access the parts you need during operation or maintenance.

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