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Roasting system


The cutting-edge Tornado cocoa nibs and malt roaster brings you roasting, sterilization and taste control in one powerful machine. Its unique combination of convective and conductive heating delivers unrivaled flexibility for a huge range of recipes.

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Key benefits

Innovative monitoring solutions

The new HydroKen sensor keeps track of moisture content in real time, allowing for extremely precise adjustments such as shortening roasting time, optimizing specific flavor notes and monitoring the critical control point.

Increased energy efficiency

The innovative new performance roasting drum with its increased energy transfer surface improves energy efficiency in the Tornado by up to 20%. You have the choice of using this saving to further reduce energy consumption or to increase output.

Virtually limitless possibilities

Conductive and convective roasting come together to provide almost unlimited combinations of roasting time, temperature and moisture levels. This enables you to adapt recipes for specific types of cocoa beans and ensures superior flavor and aroma.

Highlight features

Conductive and convective roasting

Tight control of color and flavor

The special combination of conductive and convective roasting enables the precise adjustment of your recipes and greatly enhances the specific color and flavor characteristics of a wide range of cocoa and malt. The entire process is monitored and can save energy, improve quality and increase throughout by up to 20%.

New performance drum

Boosting flavor characteristics

As well as improving energy efficiency by up to 20%, the new drum design ensures a more efficient heat transfer to the nibs for an intense flavor boost.


Moisture-based process breakthrough

Finally, it is possible to measure moisture content linked to temperature and time, thanks to the cutting-edge HydroKen moisture measuring device. It uses the latest technology to measure the moisture content in cocoa nibs as well as determining the germ count during sterilization. This provides detailed and real-time information that can be used to optimize your roasting process.

Using our global experience across chocolate manufacturing, we can customize your solution to meet your precise requirements. Our experienced engineers can help you plan, implement and support new technology to improve the quality, efficiency and safety for your plant.

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