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Infrared pre-treatment system


The IR has been specially designed for the optimal pre-treatment of cocoa beans, prior to winnowing. The infrared pre-treatment keeps your fines to a minimum, providing maximum yield of raw cocoa nibs, even for beans with a high shell content.

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Key benefits

Integrated water spraying system for efficient pre-treatment

The integrated water spraying system allows the moisture content in your cocoa beans to be exactly matched to the infrared pre-treatment. This allows even the most difficult cocoa beans with a high shell content to be pre-treated with maximum efficiency.

Top quality due to the prevention of the effects of roasting

The fast and controlled infrared process pre-treats your beans without them suffering the effects of roasting or pre-roasting. The process never exceeds product-altering temperatures, allowing for pre-treatment without the risk of heat damage.

Maximum yields due to ideal pre-treatment

The moisture content of the cocoa nibs remains all but unchanged during infrared pre-treatment – ensuring you achieve a top yield in the separation of the shell from the nibs, regardless of origin.

Highlight features

Innovative processing solution

Popping the shells off your beans

The application of infrared radiation allows for the fast and highly efficient pre-treatment of your cocoa beans. Flash evaporation of the cell moisture between the shells and the beans expands the shells and literally pops them off the bean surface. Once pre-treated, our downstream winnowing system can easily and efficiently separate the shells, offering you a maximum yield of cocoa nibs.

Faster heating process

Protecting taste characteristics

The sudden heating of the cocoa bean surface using infrared technology prevents a fat transfer from nib to shell. This short heat treatment reduces the impact on the taste of your cocoa, giving you more control over the flavor of your chocolate.

Hygienic operation

Closed construction protects your cocoa liquor

The completely closed construction enables safe and clean operation, preventing any possible contamination during processing.

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