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The Arenit plansifter MPAV/W sifts and sorts grist and flour in wheat, rye, corn and durum mills. It has a high sifting throughput, sturdy frame and choice of wooden or synthetic sieve stacks. It also accurately classifies floury and granular products.

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Key benefits

High sifting throughput in a small space

The Arenit has a net sieve surface of up to 84 m², with up to 26 Nova sieve compartments.

Efficient sieve cleaning

The partitions in the compartment channels are well sealed. This prevents dust from spreading during sieving and grading and keeps the product pure.

Sturdy and rigid frame

A cast metal frame keeps the Arenit stable and robust for 24/7 operation.

Highlight features

High throughput

Compact design for new plants and retrofits

The Arenit plansifter is a key component in the flour production process. It is compact with a small footprint, reducing the amount of space you need for installation. This allows you to easily and quickly integrate the Arenit into new plants. It is also well-suited for retrofitting existing production lines.

High sanitation

Food safety and preventing food contamination

The Arenit’s sifter compartments are insulated to prevent condensed water and damage to the product. The sifter compartments also have a stainless steel lining. The Arenit Plus has high-grade synthetic material sieve frames, with no detachable pieces. All of this helps prevent food contamination.

Efficient cleaning

Arenit or Arenit Plus - choose between wooden or synthetic sieve frames

The Arenit plansifter is fitted with wooden Nova sieve stacks. These are coated in resin with sturdy metal frame inserts. The sieve covers are glued to the metal frame inserts. The Arenit Plus comes with synthetic NovaTec sieve stacks, which offer a higher level of sanitation. These NovaTec stacks are available in one format of 730 mm x 730 mm.

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The Arenit plansifter has a lightweight motor, designed to boost energy efficiency. You can adjust the swing weight to the settings of the sieve hub. The bearing assembly in the swing weight is also very robust and requires little maintenance.

Our NovaTens sieve tensioner uses compressed air and rigid clamps to produce an even tension across the whole sieve. Designed for easy use, you need only a brief training course to use it.

Principaux avantages

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Application possibilities

The Bühler process

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