Product range

SORTEX B range

Product range

SORTEX B range

The SORTEX B range is offered with up to three visible wavelengths, optional InGaAs on selected models and up to 7 chute modules to meet all your sorting requirements. With the choice of additional capabilities, the range features excellent color sorting capabilities and delivers extraordinary product quality. It can sort coffee, seeds, grain, nuts, plastic, pulses and rice applications. 


Introducing the SORTEX B optical sorter

Optimizing conventional sorting

Performance and flexibility for multipule applications

Demonstrating a commitment to help processors get the most value from optical sorting, Bühler’s SORTEX B high capacity sorter delivers truly outstanding performance in mainstream commodity sorting applications.

Highlight Features

Multiple configurable wavelengths

Detects up to 5 color defects in one sorting process

The SORTEX B MultiVision has front and rear high resolution cameras and uses multiple visible wavelenghts to detect the very subtlest of colour variations, unique and specific to each customers sorting requirements. 

High capacity to increase profitability

Process up to 42 tons per hour

The SORTEX B with the new seven module series has a sorting capacity of up to 6 tons per hour, per chute. Delivering a toal output of between 14 and 42 tons per hour. 

Grade your product with ease

SORTEX PROsize technology

PROsize technology is a detection solution which sorts objects based on size characteristics to maximise product uniformity and value. PROsize is far more advanced than conventional mechanical graders and is the ideal solution to separate under sized and broken produce. 

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