Intake / Reception


Customized solutions for intake & reception

We design individualized intake solutions to meet any customer requirement. In the process, we take both individual needs and economic aspects into account. For example, we help to ensure that the legal emissions levels for dust are met and thus that the plant can continue to operate without interruption, and that downstream equipment ist protected.


Cleaning & Aspiration


High quality processing solutions

Efficient cleaning and aspiration of grain is essential in any processing operation. The goal is to remove different kinds of impurities, such as broken or foreign grains, straw and dust. This all helps to maximize yields and contributes to a sustainable value chain.




Extremely gentle drying

Proper conservation safeguards the quality of the grain and therefore its value for the producer. Our industrial drying technology is designed to ensure a gentle and uniform drying process without damaging the product. Our system heats up the ambient air and guides it through a continuous flow of the product. 




Multi-faceted Bühler conveying solutions

Reliable conveying systems are the key to making a plant run smoothly and economically. Our combination of modular standard components and value-added options results in transport solutions that are geared precisely to our customers’ specific applications and requirements. 


Dedusting & Filtering


Optimal protection of the plant and environment.

Wherever air is used to handle grain, you end up with dust. Our dust aspiration systems work along the whole grain process from intake and processing to conveying. Dedusting can reduce explosions and the wear on your machines. 




Grain storage

We reduce grain losses via hygienic and sustainable storage solutions. By using automation apps such as Silo Bin Monitoring, we can monitor the temperature and other data in grain silos to improve product quality. 


Ship Loading & Unloading


State-of-the-art loading and unloading equipment.

The world’s grain trade is increasing. In response, we have designed our shiploaders to handle high loading capacities of up to 3000 t/h for grain, oilseeds and derivatives. 


Processed grain

Silo Bin Monitoring   includes process optimization via machine-condition and silo bin monitoring. This IoT solution allows the user to monitor the health status of each machine and the raw material via a smartphone


The automatic inlet regulator permits optimum product distribution in the inlet area of the processing machine – automated and optimized with no need for manual adjustments.