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Rubber-roller huller


With the SuperHusk, the automatic switchover of fast and slow rollers allows accurate adjustment of the linear speed of the two rubber rollers. This helps to ensure stable speed difference and inter-roller pressure for efficient hulling.

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Key benefits

Best hulling performance with minimum brokens

Advanced automatic hulling pressure control can take place thanks to high-precision measurement of the roller diameter. If rubber roller abrasion is detected, the sensor-based gap measurement aids in readjusting both the gap and linear speed.

Automatic speed changeover for reduced rubber consumption

A timed automatic switchover of fast and slow rollers reduces the rubber consumption by up to 40%. The linear speed is compensated when rubber roller abrasion is detected, ensuring a constant linear speed difference and stable hulling.

Dual drive system for maximum energy savings

Two interconnected VFD-controlled motors – the faster roller drives the system while the slower acts as a break for power regeneration. The regenerated energy is brought back into the energy circle for reuse which results in energy savings of 10%.

What does SuperHusk offer?

Key features at a glance

For seamless performance at highest capacities

A reliable and compact design makes the SuperHusk automatic rubber-roller huller a perfect match for your modern rice mill. Stable linear speed difference and inter-roller pressure guarantee smooth and efficient hulling. Combined with the efficient and hygienic TopHusk hull separator the SuperHusk is an intelligent solution for consistent product quality with low breakage.

​​Efficient aspiration system​

State-of-the-art technology

The surrounding air aspiration system can cool the rubber rollers and vacuum the hulling area. The husk separator works with grain flow in a closed air circuit to separate husk from brown rice precisely. This modern technology efficiently separates the product into two parts – the mixture of paddy and brown rice, and husk, also preventing dust from escaping into the surrounding areas.


Stable hulling efficiency

Paddy enters from the feed inlet to the vibrating feeder through a buffer unit, and vibration frequency can be adjusted to accurately control the feeding capacity. Led by the long shedding plate, the product flows to the rubber-roller hulling area at the right speed. The inter-roller pressure can be properly adjusted to adapt to different types of rice hulling.

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