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Pulverizing hammer mill

Pulverex™ 5 Series

Our Pulverex 5 Series hammer mill provides industry-leading throughputs for fine grinding applications, on a wide range of products, and with an exceptionally uniform particle size distribution.

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Key benefits

Heavy duty ultra-robust machine

The machine is designed for continuous heavy-duty operation. Long-lasting wear parts have been made to withstand highly abrasive and demanding applications and are designed to be quickly changed out.

High capacity yet fine granulation

The large screen area, double impact plates, flow interrupters, staggered rotor, clustered hammers, air-swept design and optimized tip speed deliver high capacity and fine granulation.

Hybrid design for low energy consumption

The Pulverex 5 Series has the advantages of both a hammer mill and pulverizer. The hybrid design results in more efficient grinding which means less energy is consumed.

Efficient fine grinding portfolio

Pulverex™ 5 Series

Pulverizer and hammer mill hybrid

The Pulverex 5 Series is a hammer mill and pulverizer hybrid. It retains the screen structure of a conventional hammer mill but also integrates impact plates of a pulverizer. The unique combination of grinding elements makes it possible to grind very finely yet at a high throughput.

Pulverex™ 5 Series

High production flexibility and efficiency

Our Pulverex 5 Series hammer mill can be used as a single-stage grinder or as a dedicated fine grinder. For single stage fine grinding applications, it show significant energy efficient advantages compared to a pulverizer or step-grinding grinder.

Pulverex™ 5 Series

Robust with low wear and maintenance

Our Pulverex 5 Series is the most robust fine grinding hammer mill in the industry; all wear parts are made from abrasion-resistant steel and designed to be changed out easily and quickly. The impact plates do most of the grinding, which means the hammers and screens wear less, and this contributes to lower overall maintenance costs.

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