Die casting trainings available from anywhere, anytime.

With lasting travel restrictions attending a practical training course keeps being difficult. Nevertheless, foundries might need to train somebody on a new equipment or wish for an introduction to die casting for someone who is new to the industry. Taking a look at our new web education format is worthwhile. Many of the known trainings are now available in webinar format.

Our online courses - What is it about?

To provide effective training, no matter where someone works, we developed a set of online courses. The training takes place over several days with a 3 hour learning session each day, by experienced trainers. If necessary the course can be complemented with a practical part directly at the attendees working site or in one of our training centers.

The range of trainings offered, stretches from an introduction to die casting to dedicated trainings on the different Bühler machine series and technological trainings on process optimization or die design. 

Why attend?

Higher quality, faster and uninterrupted production are essential in die casting. In this, highly-trained personnel can make a significant impact. OEE is at the center of consideration for all our trainings – on-site as well as for the new online courses.

How to attend?

The online courses are available either at fixed dates or on request at any date enquired by the attendees. An overview of the courses offered can be found below.

Find your training in the our training program and discover our entire training offering:

The following trainings are available as online course:

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