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Germany, Reichshof

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The secret of success for the production of confectionery bars of all kinds is combining your enthusiasm, knowledge, vision and expertise with technology that can deliver the quality you need, batch after batch.


Our experienced process engineers here in Reichshof can work with your chocolatiers and technologists to create customized process solutions for your products. Starting from a variety of ingredients, we are experts at implementing processes that transform elaborate recipes into perfectly conditioned chocolate.

From dosing, weighing, mixing, cooking and aeration of masses, to extrusion, forming, cutting, tempering, enrobing and cooling, we are your global partner for your complete solution, from concept to exquisite confectionery.


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Employees with specialized knowledge
Helping you to invest in the right technology to create your molded chocolate products - from bars and pralines to Santas and Easter Bunnies.

How to find us

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How to find us

Germany - Reichshof


+49 2265 9988-0

Gewerbeparkstrasse 44