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The Vega MTVA is a compact grain cleaner with a high throughput, processing up to 100 tons per hour of grain. Use as a free-standing unit or suspended from the ceiling. Choose from a wide range of screen sizes.

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Key benefits

Choose different sieves and sizes

The MTVA comes in two sizes, with a wide choice of screens between 6.6 to 15.6 m².

Save up to 50% of energy consumption

The air-recycling gravity separator returns 80% of the air used to the blower. Compared to conventional solutions, this enables you to cut your energy consumption by as much as 50%.

Designed to easily change wear parts

The drive is positioned outside the grain cleaner on the sieve box. This makes it easier to change the belt and wear parts.

Highlight features

Versatile grain cleaner

Wide choice of machine applications and screens

The MTVA comes in two sizes with a throughput of 15 to 100 metric t/h. It has 11 sifting flow patterns and two to four fractions. It is used as a free-standing unit or suspended from the ceiling. It comes with a wide choice of screens and screen cleaners. The MTVA is well-suited to clean wheat, corn, oats, barley, rye or rice.

Designed for easy operation

Quickly change over the sieve screens

We have designed the screen frames with clips, so you can change them quickly. You can also access the screen stack from both sides of the grain cleaner, making it easier to reach and quicker to change.

Sieve cleaners

Choice of sieve cleaners

We offer a range of sieve cleaners using rubber balls or smaller plastic cleaners, depending on the size of the screen.

You can connect the grain cleaner MTVA to an air-recycling gravity separator to remove low-density particles. This helps increase the efficiency of the grain-cleaning process and quality of the finished product.

We have fitted the grain cleaner MTVA with low-wear materials to withstand abrasive products, such as oats and rice. This helps reduce maintenance and keep the machine running 24/7.

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