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Smooth roller former

Our smooth roller former is designed to produce various end products such as cereal, nut, fruit or aerated nougat bars. Thanks to the three-roller principle, uniform mass flow and density can be achieved which results in high weight accuracy.

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Key benefits

Precise weight accuracy

The three-roller working principle provides exceptionally precise weight accuracy for the formed slab throughout the working process.

Product varieties

A single universal drive that can accommodate different forming heads - easy to change between products, respond quickly to market changes, or transition smoothly from slab forming to mono or co-extruded products.

Reducing waste

High weight accuracy helps conserve raw materials and reduce waste.

Smooth roller former

High performance forming solution

Outstanding weight accuracy

Due to the three rollers of our slab former, the formed mass has to flow through two individually adjustable gaps in the machines, which makes it possible to adjust the slab's height and as well its density. The ability to make such adjustments ensure precise weight accuracy of the final product.

High performance forming solution

Universal drive

The form press comes with a universal form press drive and provides the advantage of being able to install various forming heads on this drive such as a rotary bar roller for mono extruded products or double rotary bar roller for co-extruded or double layer products. This setup allows a quick product change and the option the clean the forming head out of the production line.


Stand-alone machine

The machine is a stand-alone unit with its own control cabinet and HMI, but it can be easily integrated into existing lines or added at a later stage thanks to its cantilever design.

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