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Multi-NIR Inline System

Our Multi NIR Inline System guarantees consistent product quality prior to pelletization. Its components are designed for industrial applications and are resistant to interfering factors.

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Key benefits

Traceability and feed safety

Historical data including moisture, fat and protein contents can be retrieved and analyzed any time, providing complete traceability. It means you can intervene as soon as any deviations occur, feed safety is increased and liability risks reduced.

Constant product quality with higher throughput

Our Multi NIR Inline System guarantees consistent product quality prior to pelletization. This helps to achieve consistent pellet quality – fines are reduced, thus increasing line availability and production throughput.

90 years of experience

Bühler has been involved in the grain processing industry since 1860 and in the animal feed industry since 1927. We have 90 years of accumulated experience combined with comprehensive technological expertise in sensor technology.

Application possibilities

Highlight features

Developed for industrial use

Compact and rugged design

The components of the Multi NIR Inline System are designed for industrial applications and are resistant to interfering factors, such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations. It is distinguished by the high precision and reliability of its measurements. The optical fiber cable allows a maximum distance of 200 m from the sensor to spectrometer without long response times.

Up to 6 measuring heads per spectrometer

Increased profit thanks to optimized moisture, fat and protein content

Measurements can be taken at various points in the feed production process, e.g. at raw material intake, at the mixer, at the upper surge hopper and at the cooler. Moisture and fat content can be optimized at the mixer by adding water or other liquid additives. The protein content can be optimized by precisely blending the raw material.

Reduce production costs

ROI in less than one year

Extremely precise measurements with an SEP of 0.3% for water and fat, and 0.5%/0.8% for protein make it possible to significantly reduce the recipe-specific safety buffers and thus decrease production costs. A possible line throughput of 100,000 tons per year, moisture increase of 0.5% and a feed sales price of €300 per ton could result in annual savings of €150,000 and reach ROI in under a year.

Physically separating measuring heads and spectrometers as well as the sensitive microelectronics by placing them in shielded areas ensures high reliable data and leads to stable operation.

Thanks to the smart sensor control system, the system can be easily integrated into the plant control system. The integrated software offers a clearly organized user interface with numerous visualization options. Our expertise in products, processes and automation transforms a basic measurement process into a process control system.

The Multi NIR Inline System is calibrated for feed with extreme precision as part of the scope of delivery, which protects against various interfering factors. Calibrations are based on more than 1,800 spectra. Our experts can to carry out further customized product analysis and calibration where required.

Key topics

Billions of people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for food and mobility every day. Our motto is creating “innovations for a better world.” Find out more about our key topics.

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