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Chocoat™ Quick Change

With Bühler's Chocoat Quick Change enrobing solution you can switch production from dark to white chocolate in under 45 minutes. The product-wetted lower machine section can be removed and replaced with another containing a new mass type without cleaning.

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Key benefits

Reduce waste

Save raw materials and avoid product loss due to dedicated lower compartments for each type of chocolate. No cleaning or rinsing required.

Increase food safety and flexibility

Use different types of masses in one enrobing line without cross-contamination – for example certified chocolates such as vegan, organic or sugar-free in one line with traditional chocolate in the same line.

Accelerate product changeovers

Minimize downtime on your enrobing line by using a dedicated lower compartment. With this system you can switch from dark to white chocolate in under 45 minutes.

Highlight features

Speed is our profession

Changeover your coating mass in minutes

The enrober consists of a product-wetted lower compartment and a roof section. When changing over the masses, the lower compartment is removed from the production line and replaced with another one with the new coating mass. This ensures that every part that is in contact with the product can be reliably removed from the line without cleaning or any cross-contamination.

Easy to handle

Simple, user-friendly operation

The machine is equipped with quick couplings and connections to ensure that the lower compartment can be disconnected and reconnected quickly when the coating mass is being changed over.

Fast start-up

Heated garage for fast restart

For a fast changeover, the second lower compartment is stored in a heated garage to prevent the chocolate from crystallizing during storage. The compartment can be removed from the garage and placed directly into the production line.

No cross-contamination

Increase food safety

Due to our quick change concept we can ensure that the coating masses stay separate. This avoids any cross-contamination, meaning you can reliably process different masses such as vegan, organic or sugar-free masses without any issues.

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