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Laboratory winnowing system

LAB Winnower

Compact and effective: our LAB Winnower crushes cocoa beans and separates shells from nibs with control and precision using sieving and air classification.

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Key benefits

Achieve efficiency and maximum yield

Our LAB Winnower achieves high separating efficiency and maximal yield due to the low volume of fines generated. All this with a throughput of up to 150 kg/h.

Quality analysis and control

You can take samples from each sieve deck for optimal process analysis.

Robust design to ensure food safety

Due to its closed design there is very little dust pollution. With a fully stainless steel processing zone, our LAB Winnower epitomizes hygienic design and meets high food safety standards.

Highlight features

Maximum total yield

Frequency-controlled crusher ensures maximum yield

With our machine you can precisely match the crushing intensity to different cocoa bean characteristics. This results in a low number of fines and achieves maximal cocoa yield.

Minimal product waste

Adjustable air classification process

Adjust the distance of the aspiration channel as well as the vacuum for each sieve deck precisely with our LAB Winnower, achieving a favorable ratio of nibs-in-shell and shell-in-nibs for maximal yield.

Key topics

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Application possibilities

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