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Alkalizing system


The CNA allows the simple adjustment of pH values and determination of the pressure-temperature-time process profile, enabling you to vary color intensity to suit any market preference.

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Key benefits

Gentle and efficient mixing with ribbon mixing technology

The alkalizing system uses an agitating spiral to mix your product gently and efficiently. The resulting mixing efficiency reduces cycle times and increases your throughput compared to conventional mixing systems.

Easy maintenance

The machine is equipped with a mechanical seal, which is easy to adjust and maintain from the outside.

Low maintenance

The rugged mechanical design of the entire system offers you reliably with little maintenance, despite the harsh process conditions of alkalization.

Highlight features

Achieving food safety


The CNA can be used as a critical control point (CCP) for safe product in every batch.

Cocoa powder coloring

Process control for the entire cocoa powder color range

The CNA is capable of producing all the hues you require. It applies overpressure for brown or black coloration and atmospheric pressure or minor overpressure and oxygen injection for producing red hues.

Flavor development

Option to inject additional solutions

You can also inject additional solutions, such as inverted sugar or salt, in order to intensify your flavor development during the roasting process.

A wide range of recipes

Recipes for all hues included

Along with the machine, we also supply you with all the necessary recipes, which can be tailored exactly to meet your market requirements.

Key topics

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