Pellet mills

Striving for the perfect pellet

Pellet mills

Striving for the perfect pellet

Our pellet mills, equipment, process expertise and professional support can help you to create the perfect pellets for your specific application. Our range caters for a vast range of sizes and capacities for aqua feed, pet food, grain processing and by-product pelleting processes. With single, double belt or direct drives to meet your production needs, we can create customized solutions to help you improve efficiency, reduce waste and create the highest quality output. 

Product range

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Facts about Bühler dies

How often can the die be refurbished
Up to 50 %
Wear part costs can be saved
Bühler service workshops around the world

Highlight features

Hysys – Hygienic system

Optimal pre-treatment for high pellet quality

The Hysys contains a feeder, conditioner and retentioner in one modular system, offering you modern conditioning technology. Excellent feed hygiene, reduction of start-up time and productivity increase are only some of the benefits of this new system.

Die service

Get the most out of your existing pellet mill

You want your pellet mill to deliver the highest possible throughput, but die wear decreases production capacity every day. Our die service stations, situated around the world, can refurbish your pellet mill dies to help you regain full performance. Our die refurbishment servicing can double the lifespan of your dies for less than half the price of a new one.

Applications and commodities


Creating the perfect feed for all your livestock

Our pelleting solutions can create the perfect feed for all of your livestock, including ruminant, poultry, pig or equine feeds.

Compacting your valuable by-products

Our pellet mills are widely used to compact by-products from oilseed extraction. Extraction meal as well as the resulting hulls are efficiently sanitized and compacted for convenient storage and transport.

Creating the ideal feed for fish or crustacean

Our pelleting technology and experienced process experts can help you to create micropellets, floating feeds, shrimp pellets or sinking feeds to suit the full range of farmed fish and crustacean needs.

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