Rice sorting


Rice sorting

Rice defects such as yellows, greys, bran streaks and broken grains can all impact on the quality of finished rice products and ultimately your profitability. Additionally, if foreign materials are found, food safety issues and expensive brand recalls are the result. Bühler’s range of rice optical sorters can help.

It features different technologies to match your specific sorting requirements. Unwanted colors, foreign material detection or capacity match, we have the right solution to fit.


Applications and commodities


Paddy rice sorting

Our optical sorters are suitable for various paddy rice varieties including brown, glutinous, wild and white rice. These images are just a small sample selection of actual product and customer trials. 

Parboiled rice sorting

Our optical sorters can help you achieve export quality rice products and maintain high food safety standards. The images below are examples of actual product and customer trials.

Brown rice sorting

Our sorting range is also suitable for sorting brown rice. It can detect paddy, remove foreign seeds and grain varieties and various types of foreign materials. The examples shown below are taken from actual product and customer trials.

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