Pulse sorting


Pulse sorting

Bühler optical sorters are suitable for various pulse products such as lentils, chickpeas, beans and dry peas. We focus on helping you achieve higher yields, deliver a consistent quality of pulse products and maintain food safety standards. They detect unwanted colors, shapes and foreign materials.
We also have optical sorters that can remove whole pulses from splits or detect hulled pulses from un-hulled ones.


Applications and commodities


Improving yield, product quality and profitability

Our optical sorters can help detect and remove subtle discoloration, shape defects and foreign materials in chickpeas. Helping you deliver a uniformed appearance and quality end product for maximum profitability.

Accurate defect detection even during high-capacity sorting

Our optical sorters feature proprietary technologies that ensures accurate defect detection and ejection. This helps us to deliver better yields with low rejection of good grains, even during high-capacity sorting.

Delivering consistent product quality

Delivering a consistent bean appearance generates a higher premium and profitability. Depending on the model, our optical sorters can detect both shape and size and remove unwanted colors.

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