Confectionery sorting


Confectionery sorting

Optical sorting is essential in any processing operation. It helps you meet food safety requirements and achieve a purer quality of products. Our sorting equipment uses a range of technologies including cameras, lighting and machine learning software. It removes product defects and foreign materials by color, shape and texture.

We also have an extensive product range to suit your needs based on budget, capacity and the product quality you need to achieve.


Applications and commodities


Benefit from the latest in sorting technology

Our range of Sortex optical sorters offer chocolate and cocoa processors a high level of product quality, presentation and food safety. Our sorters are equipped with the latest technology to detect and efficiently remove even the most challenging defects.

Accept quality of chocolate bites.
Rejects removed included odd shaped defects.
Accept quality of cocoa nibs
Rejects included stones

Maximize product quality and yields

Use our Sortex optical sorters for sweets and gums to remove odd shaped products, color defects and pieces of packaging. They offer a high level of product quality, presentation and food safety - helping to produce consistent and maximized yields.

Accept quality of pastilles.
Rejects removed included odd shaped pastilles, foreign materials such as wires, plastic and glass.
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