Optical sorting is essential in any processing operation. It helps you meet food safety requirements and achieve a purer quality of products. Our sorting equipment uses a range of technologies including cameras, lighting and machine learning software. It removes product defects and foreign materials by color, shape and texture.

We also have an extensive product range to suit your needs based on budget, capacity and the product quality you need to achieve.


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Coffee sorting

Our optical sorting solutions for coffee are designed to deliver high product quality and safety. Our optical sorters are precise, offering a consistent yield for any size of processing plant. Use for a variety of beans, including roasted, semi/fully washed, sun-dried, green, Robusta and Arabica.

Accept quality of Arabica coffee beans
Rejects removed included black, sour, foxy and moldy, discolored an insect damaged coffee beans.
Accept quality of Robusta coffee beans.
Rejects included dark and light colored defects.

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