MassChallenge Switzerland awards six highest-impact start-ups 2016

Uzwil (Switzerland), November 4 – As part of its commitment to entrepreneurship and collaborative innovation, the Bühler Group is a founding partner of the start-up accelerator MassChallenge Switzerland. On November 2, Mass Challenge Switzerland celebrated the achievements of the start-ups in the 2016 programme and gave awards to the six highest-impact start-ups 2016, in the presence of Bühler Group CEO Stefan Scheiber and CTO Ian Roberts.

MassChallenge Switzerland opened it 1000m2 co-working space in June this year in Lausanne, Switzerland. The innovation accelerator hosted more than 70 start-ups for four months since then. In the closing award ceremony on November 2, 2016, MassChallenge Switzerland announced the winners of the MassChallenge Switzerland 2016 accelerator program, awarding CHF 400,000 in total in non-dilutive grants to the six winners.


Stefan Scheiber, Bühler CEO, said at the award ceremony: “The ability to continuously innovate and reinvent ourselves is crucial, particularly in developed countries with high cost pressure. I’m impressed by the level of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit of the start-ups present here.” Ian Roberts, Bühler CTO, added “We decided to act as sponsor of the original MassChallenge in Boston, USA, and founding partner of MassChallenge in Switzerland because innovation is a key pillar in our business strategy. In this fast moving and complex world, collaboration with partners, customers, and science partners has become essential.”


Innovation is at the core of Bühler’s strategy. The company invests 4 to 5% of its turnover in research and development every year. Bühler supports and fosters open and collaborative innovation initiatives, such as the MassChallenge Switzerland. More information about MassChallenge Switzerland:


CHF 100,000 Winners (“Diamond”)


CHF 50,000 Winners (“Gold”)

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